Sacré Solutions is synonymous with flexibility and transparency.
This means customization, so together, we look for the solution that is most suitable for your business. After that, we take care of the rollout, maintenance and management.


Camera surveillance

Camera Surveillance

Many companies and people today opt for camera surveillance, to better protect their business, property, warehouse or home. When choosing and configuring camera surveillance, it is important to always consider your own needs and expectations, technical possibilities, as well as the updated Camera Act.

Sacré Solutions makes this easy and transparent, thanks to our experience and knowledge. For each installation we create a complete digital documentation file, with all data from the installation, and the history of the interventions carried out. This makes it possible to respond faster and more precisely to any problems that might arise.

Installation and customized maintenance

And Sacré Solutions goes even further! Do you always want sharp images through a clean, clear lens? Do you want these images stored in properly working, up-to-date storage (NVR), and more? We also offer our Maintenance Service for this.

The camera packs are created in such a way, that a flexible solution can be offered for every situation. The number and type of cameras can be adjusted and combined for each package. The number of cameras does determine the type of storage that is needed. A network video recorder is installed as standard, as from 2 cameras. This is due to the amount of storage required for storing the image material, as well as being able to watch live from your PC, laptop or smartphone.

The type of camera (dome, turret, bullet or PTZ) is determined by the application. Do you need a large field of vision in your business, for motion detection, but slightly less detail? Then a different type of camera is needed than for, say, a 100 meter long driveway. These applications are carefully analysed by Sacré Solutions, and the appropriate solution is proposed. Consequently: no worries for you, the thinking for us!